Cradle Song (wiersz klasyka)

Peabody Josephine Preston

Cradle Song



Lord Gabriel, wilt thou not rejoice
When at last a little boy's
         Cheek lies heavy as a rose
         And his eyelids close?

Gabriel, when that hush may be,
This sweet hand all heedfully
         I'll undo for thee alone,
         From his mother's own.

Then the far blue highway paven
With the burning stars of heaven,
         He shall gladden with the sweet
         Hasting of his feet: --

Feet so brightly bare and cool,
Leaping, as from pool to pool;
         From a little laughing boy
         Splashing rainbow joy!

Gabriel, wilt thou understand
How to keep this hovering hand? --
         Never shut, as in a bond,
         From the bright beyond? --

Nay, but though it cling and close
Tightly as a climbing rose,
         Clasp it only so, -- aright,
         Lest his heart take fright.

         (Dormi, dormi, tu.
         The dusk is hung with blue.)


Lord Michael, wilt not thou rejoice
When at last a little boy's
         Heart, a shut-in murmuring bee,
         Turns him unto thee?

Wilt thou heed thine armor well, --
To take his hand from Gabriel,
         So his radiant cup of dream
         May not spill a gleam?

He will take thy heart in thrall,
Telling o'er thy breastplate, all
         Colors, in his bubbling speech,
         With his hand to each.

         (Dormi, dormi, tu.
         Sapphire is the blue,
         Pearl and beryl, they are called,
         Crysoprase and emerald,
         Sard and amethyst
         Numbered so, and kissed.)

Ah, but find some angel-word
For thy sharp, subduing sword!
         Yea, Lord Michael, make no doubt
         He will find it out:

         (Dormi, dormi, tu!
         His eyes will look at you.)


Last, a little morning space,
Lead him to that leafy place
         Where Our Lady sits awake,
         For all mothers' sake.

Bosomed with the Blessed One,
He shall mind her of her Son,
         Once so folded from all harms
         In her shrining arms.

         (In her veil of blue,
         Dormi, dormi, tu.)

         So; -- and fare thee well.
         Softly, -- Gabriel . . .
When the first faint red shall come,
Bid the Day-star lead him home,
         For the bright world's sake,
         To my heart, awake.

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przysłano: 5 marca 2010

Peabody Josephine Preston

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