Marlowe (wiersz klasyka)

Peabody Josephine Preston

BAME: I saw thee first,
Ay, from the first day when you cheated them
With tales of old acquaintance, and made fond,
And charmed the eyes of her, and took her heart,
But for a whim. --Oh, I was not far off!
Tho' you had made me a butt before them all,
And turned her favor from the laughing-stock.
Nothing to you it was! --All other folk,--
Their homes, so many ant-hills! -- All the world
A show for you, a cheaper show than yours;--
A pageant wagon,--with the people, here,
And overhead, their angels and their God,
Another show! --And you to laugh at all.
Laugh, laugh! Whatever 't was, 't is all gone by,
Never to laugh at more. But I can tell you,
Oh, I can tell you, now it is too late,
That she was pining for you. --Now she's wed.
Alison's gone! You will not have her now.
Ah, now you are no more to her than I!
The spell is broken. She would see you now
But what you are--a strolling devilry,
A knave and blasphemer, Athiest!
So. You have heard it all.
The wheel turns, and it shall grind thee too!
Thou wilt not have her.

przysłano: 5 marca 2010

Peabody Josephine Preston

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