SPINNING IN APRIL (wiersz klasyka)

Peabody Josephine Preston



      MOON in heaven's garden, among the clouds that wander,
      Crescent moon so young to see, above the April ways,
      Whiten, bloom not yet, not yet, within the twilight yonder;
      All my spinning is not done, for all the loitering days.
      Oh, my heart has two wild wings that ever would be flying!
      Oh, my heart's a meadow-lark that ever would be free!
      Well it is that I must spin until the light is dying;
      Well it is the little wheel must turn all day for me!
      All the hill-tops beckon, and beyond the western meadows
      Something calls for ever, calls me ever, low and clear:
      A little tree as young as I, the coming summer shadows,--
      The voice of running waters that I always thirst to hear.
      Oftentime the plea of it has set my wings a-beating;
      Oftentime it coaxes, as I sit weary-wise,
      Till the wild life hastens out to wild things all entreating,
      And leaves me at the spinning-wheel with dark, unseeing eyes.

przysłano: 5 marca 2010

Peabody Josephine Preston

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