Businessman vs. Homeless (wiersz klasyka)

Serj Tankian

Businessman vs. Homeless

The wheel and deal for a meal man
Versus the organized, courteous homeless.
One lies and cheats to secure his possessions,
The other lives the truth of man's post-industrial reality.
One forceloses, fires, and finagles,
While the other relieves suffering by human courtesies.
One lives in a regal palace with all the luxuries,
The other on a chair in the alley,
With the rain as his partner.
One travels across time zones,
The other travels through time,
And leaves everything virtually untouched.
One furnishes complements,
The other insight,
One flies lobsters in from Maine,
The other flies through the glass window of a seafood restaurant,
His main offense, touching the lobsters.
Both may be lovers of music,
But only the latter listens,
For he has the time to be,
Rather than be on time.

przysłano: 5 marca 2010

Serj Tankian

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