Compassion (wiersz klasyka)

Serj Tankian

One can only change his/her view
Of a situation in life by death
Death of the body, and mind,
Surrending all mana, or life force,
To the soul, which can exist
Simultaneously everywhere, in everything.
It is through this death that many shamans and psychics
Can conduct astral travel or projections,
Transcending both time and space,
To view, feel, and see from any angle
In our psychical as well as etheral universe.
To be everything is to be nothing and vice-versa.
And that is a necessity for healthy human existence.
It balances the self with the non-self (i.e. the
This temporal death is the yearning
Of all religions and natural cultures
Customarily described as "oneness" with nature or the
Aided with this all natural gift of life,
Compassion becomes unavoidable.
And the unavoidable becomes the caretaker of life.

przysłano: 5 marca 2010

Serj Tankian

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