Matter (wiersz klasyka)

Serj Tankian

The mattering of all matter,
Masters and their extended batters,
Internet intelligence for investments
Of financial resources,
Ultimately divesting away from the natural world.
Truth is knowledge although bipolar.
If its attainment is equitable.
Man's mirrors face the flesh
But hide the spirit in opposite worlds.
Vision can only be attained universally
To become the mirror.
Lamps of varied sizes and shapes
Carrying different shades
All having the propensity to illuminate,
Yet satisfied with remaining
In the not so silent dark.
Realization that the means is the end,
The earth's waters mirroring the stream
Of collective consciousness,
The dead being reborn as flowers,
Smiling through the battlefields,
Where lie the yields of your investments?

przysłano: 5 marca 2010

Serj Tankian

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