Subatomic music (wiersz klasyka)

Serj Tankian

Subatomic music, eternally weaved
Into the fabric of our presence.
We are all musiscans due to our vibratory reality.
Those of us that abide by the laws of harmony
Vibrate at the rate of nature.
Everyone else touches upon those chords
Along the way, by accident.
You cannot hide from your skin,
There's no failing to see the pin,
That connects us to the stars.
Inflection can fight the globalist infection,
If intention is well represented.
The patented mode of existence
Provides for subsistence based on abstinence
From the infliction of pain.
Those that gain, fight the vain for the cranes
Over the city skies,
Viewed at night,
From the mountain tops
Surrrounding the metrically meticulous metropolis.

przysłano: 5 marca 2010

Serj Tankian

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