Robert E. Howard - Lines written in the realization that I must Die (wiersz klasyka)

Howard Robert E.

The Black Door gapes and the Black Wall rises;
Twilight gasps in the grip of Night.
Paper and dust are the gems man prizes--
Torches toss in my waning sight.

Drums of glory are lost in the ages,
Bare feet fail on a broken trail--
Let my name fade from the printed pages;
Dreams and visions are growing pale.

Twilight gathers and none can save me.
Well and well, for I would not stay:
Let me speak through the stone you gave me:
He never could say what he wished to say.

Why should I shrink from the sign of leaving?
My brain is wrapped in a darkened cloud;
Now in the Night are the Sisters weaving
For me a shroud.

Towers shake and the stars reel under,
Skulls are heaped in the Devil's fane;
My feet are wrapped in a rolling thunder,
Jets of agony lance my brain.

What of the world that I leave for ever?
Phantom forms in a fading sight--
Carry me out on the ebon river
Into the Night.

przysłano: 5 marca 2010

Howard Robert E.

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